RSVP events: Tips to take our Christmas decoration to another level

They are the people who can add a little extra magic to some of the most important moments of our lives, let alone during Christmas. Having as a magic wand their talent and high aesthetics, they create with their decoration spaces almost out of a fairy tale, a movie extravaganza or a large-scale magazine editorial.

And as during these festive days, we will likely go to a restaurant or a bar or a store, where we will envy the decoration that they have curated, we asked them to guide us so that we can decorate our home in the best possible way.

Nikolas Kyriakou and Tamara Saati, owners of RSVP Events, talk to us, among other things, about alternative decorations, pink Christmas trees, flowers and plants that “smell” of holidays, elements that cannot be missing from the festive decoration as well as others, that should be absent in case we have children. They analyze the differences between the decoration of a business space and that of a home, as well as of a modern as opposed to a classic home. 

Interview: Nicola Karatzia

Translation: Stephie Karagiorge

Photographic material: RSVP Events

Are there elements that you think should not be missing under any circumstances from the Christmas decoration of a space?

Certainly a tree and some lights are the hallmark of the festive season. However, we do not consider that every space needs to have either one or the other necessarily. A Christmas decoration can borrow winter or Christmas details, and using just a few elements (forest greenery, pinecones, ornaments, etc.) can be just as effective.

In case someone does not want to decorate a Christmas tree, are there ways to create a festive atmosphere in their space in another way?

We consider that Christmas lights offer warmth to any space, can be used in a variety of ways, and suit every aesthetic.

Are you in favour of a real or artificial Christmas tree and why?

We definitely prefer the natural tree, which even offers a distinct aroma to a home. However, we understand that the use of natural trees is not feasible always and everywhere, as commercial spaces may need to be decorated for a longer period of time than a natural tree allows.

In recent years we have seen trends emerging that involve various colours of Christmas trees (e.g. pink, white), as well as upside-down hanging trees. Where do you think these come from, and what do you think of them based on your own aesthetic?

People are definitely always looking for something new, they want to do something different from the traditional decoration. Certainly, the marketing of large companies also influences the market. We, in general, are in favour of new and innovative ideas, as well as the use of colours that may be less conventional for the festive season. However, the traditional style certainly never loses its value. We should emphasize that not all trends need to find all of us in agreement, so we should keep the ones we like.

This year, due to the “frenzy” caused by the Barbie movie, is there a possibility that the colour pink will be prominent even on trees or ornaments?

Abroad, we have seen everything being “painted” in pink following the release of the film, however, for the holidays pink is a colour that in any case has not been absent from the decoration of homes and commercial spaces in recent years. If this style suits your aesthetic or if you have young children, it might be an interesting, bold choice!

How much and in what way does Christmas decoration for a personal space-home differ from that of a professional space such as a company/office or a restaurant?

Certainly, we see that commercial spaces are decorated earlier than homes, and so the need for the use of high-quality materials on the one hand, but fake materials on the other, is imperative. In some spaces decoration is for the passer-by, so it must be visible from the outside of the space, while in others it is about the customer, so it may need to be pervasive throughout the space. On the other hand, in homes it is usually done on a smaller scale, since it is mainly about the residents themselves.

Which plants and flowers do you think fit perfectly with the festive mood?

Cypress, pine, fir as greenery, can be a beautiful base for the bouquet you will place in your vase, for a handmade garland above your fireplace or on the perimeter of a door. Beyond that, everyone can choose from absolutely festive elements such as ilex, cotton, pinecones, to more classic winter elements such as antique hydrangeas and sugarbushes.

Does RSVP undertake home decoration and Christmas tree decoration if requested?

Unfortunately, due to workload, this is not a service we offer. On the contrary, if you manage a business such as a bar or restaurant, you can call us to discuss together ideas that would suit your space.

Should the architecture and interior design of a space, such as a home, influence the type of decoration one chooses to pursue? For example, should a modern house be decorated differently than a more classic one?

Certainly, the aesthetics of a home limit the décor that suits it. In a more classic house, an ideal choice is the classic tree with red and gold ornaments, while in a more modern house a more Scandinavian-style tree would be suitable, reflecting the colours of the space in the colours of the decoration. We would suggest a combination of metallic colours as well as white and black ornaments which, although unusual, would suit a more modern and “serious” space.

Do you believe that more than one Christmas tree can coexist harmoniously in a home?

In homes with spaces that allow for decoration with more than one tree, why not? If residents want, for example, to decorate each living room or another area of the house with a different Christmas tree, they can do so without any hesitation. In fact, this is a phenomenon that we often encounter happening abroad.

If there is one colour that characterizes your Christmas, which one is it?

If we have to choose one, we will say the colour red. It is the classic festive colour that has accompanied us at every age, from childhood until today.

If you are asked to take on the decoration of a house where young children live, would this factor influence your decisions, making the result more playful?

For families with young children, we would advise against the use of glass ornaments and ornaments that resemble edibles – such as berries and candies. In case a more playful result suits the entire family, the use of colorful or paper ornaments or ornaments that you can make yourselves with your children, we think are beautiful and creative ideas.

In your work during these days, you obviously deal constantly with Christmas trees and festive decorations. Should I assume that this reduces the desire to decorate your own home?

Certainly, the fatigue of the days and the involvement with festive decorations, leaves us with little space for further consideration of decorating our personal spaces. In the end, of course, we always decorate our homes too. It is usually the last decoration we engage with, but the most important one for us and our loved ones.